Frequently asked questions
Yes, the services will however attract a token to cover the expenses of our partners who will be assigned to the tasks.
Simply create a free account and use the search tool to find a service provider in your area. Search can be narrowed to your location, service category, and other criteria.
Our website features all kinds of blue-collar and yellow-collar service providers.
Yes, our website is unique in that both the clients, and the service providers engage directly with one another. FixorsHub’s personnel do not act as middlemen in the process of hiring service providers.
The service providers have the relevant skills and experience to deliver good quality services.
The review comments are key to keeping the service providers on their toes, and to assisting our clients in choosing the best-performing service providers.
Ensure to document the conditions of the service required on the website and in the service scope specifically. Ensure to have a clearly defined scope and to avoid a change of scope. Ensure to make payments to FixorsHub, no matter how harmless it seems to do otherwise. Do not entice, connive, or agree with a service provider to bypass the FixorsHub as doing so removes your assurances from the FixorsHub and leaves you open to exploitation.
Simply raise a dispute email to the FixorsHub. It will be promptly attended to.
Simply read the reviews and the comments of previous clients. You should also help other clients by leaving an objective and factual review of the services received.
Every transaction is uniquely risky. A service provider can be saved as a favourite to be subsequently assigned a job on Fixorshub. Services procured through Fixorshub qualify to our protection and assurance.
A service provider will unavoidably expend time and cost to travel to a job location for an inspection. The service provider can use his / her discretion to deduct the inspection fee from the cost of the service.
Payments are deposits from which the service fee(s) is paid to the service provider when due.
Definite yes. A written request to stop work and for a refund, should be submitted by email followed by a call to the customer care office. The request will be processed immediately.