Registration is free to Users.

FixorsHub is built on verified trust. Adequate competency and background checks are conducted on our service providers. It is an ongoing process that involves the use of the review comments and feedback to organize the training and the retraining of our service providers.

Registered users can post jobs and or engage service providers directly. Our personnel do not act as middlemen between clients and the service providers to enable direct engagement between the clients and the service providers.

We have a sufficient number of fittings and materials sellers on the website that clients and service providers can verify prices and procure from, at a very affordable rate.

Payments are made in full in advance. The payments are a deposit and expended to the service providers and the replacement parts vendors in adherence to the job scope and the concurrence of the client.

Upon service completion, the client is mandated to review the service consumed and to proceed to rate the service provider’s performance. This is followed by the client's authorization of the release of the remaining fee to the service provider.

 Where a job is called off, the deposited fund is returned to the service seeker less the cancellation fee and the expenses incurred by the service provider.

Reviews and the rating of services are core to our operations and mandatory.    

FixorsHuB strictly bars an exchange of contact details such as mobile phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses between clients and service providers. Negotiations, invoicing, and payment must be completed on the FixorsHuB portal. Violation attracts sanctions.